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Project Description
The common data projects provide functions principally for ASP.NET projects, together with utilities for creating custom event logs and generating a data access layer.

Release Schedule
  • MakeLog
  • CommonData
  • Stored procedures to create (insert, update, count, single row select, listall and delete) stored procedures. and required wrapper code.
  • Parameter storage in the database will be issued as a
  • versions of the above will also be issued, however the library is usable from VB.NET.

Solution Structure
  • CommandDemo - Demo command-line program
  • CommonCS - C# version of the code library
  • CommonCSTest - C# unit test project of CommonCS
  • CommonLogon - C# class project to handle user authentication and authorisation (from 0.2X)
  • CommonLogonTest - C# unit test for CommonLogon
  • CommonObjectCS - C# class project for record structures
  • CommonParam - Data layer for the CommonParam project
  • CommonParamApplication - Web Application using CommonParam
  • CommonParamTest - C# unit test of CommonParam and CommonServiceAction to replace CommonParamWeb
  • CommonServiceAction - C# action class project for CommonServiceCS
  • CommonServiceActionTest - C# unit test of CommonServiceAction
  • CommonServiceCS - C# Windows Service using CommonServiceAction
  • CommonVB - VB.NET version of the code library
  • CommonVbTest - VB.NET test project of CommonVB
  • CommonWebService - Web Service sample
  • Demo - C# unit test project to test functions not (yet) part of CommonCS
  • CSWebApp - C# Web Application
  • VBDemo - VB.NET Web Application
  • VBTest - VB.NET unit test project to test various functions in CommonCS

Units Tests
Unit tests of the various functions in CommonData will be included with code coverage as far as possible towards the 80-90% level as measured by PartCover.

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